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Welcome to Black Lightning Opals. As an Opal wholesaler, we offer you only high grade Australian opals for sale at very competitive prices for Austria.  We are very passionate and have great respect for the quality of all our opals here for sale. Our goal is to amaze you or your future customers of the shear beauty and uniqueness of this Australian national precious gem.

All of our loose opal stones are proudly selected on site in Lightning Ridge New South Wales Australia, then cut and polished to perfection, so you are sure that you are getting authentic and the best quality Australian opals.

The Black opal is still the most renowned and desired opal in the world. Lightning Ridge is the main source for precious black opal gemstones.

If you need us to set your Opal in jewellery, we are happy to organise this for you.

All of our Jewellery is Australian and hand made.

Whether you are an Opal retailer, jeweller or an Opal enthusiast, We welcome you to visit our secure online opal store.

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What is an Opal ?

Opals are more than 150 million years old and are a hydrated amorphous form of silica (SiO2·nH2O), being most commonly found with limonite, sandstone, rhyolite, marl, and basalt. The Opal is the national gemstone of Australia.

Lightning Ridge in New South Wales Australia, is the main source of the black opal. These Opals contain a predominantly dark background, gray to blue and black, displaying a wide range of colours.

The Lightning Ridge area is a world-renowned centre of the mining of black opals and other opal gemstones. It also has the largest known deposits of black opals in the world !

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All of our Opals are Solid and 100% Natural from Lightning Ridge Australia. We are a proud member of the ASN.
Opals and Europe.

Australian opal collection of queen Elizabeth ii England's royal family favorite gem stones

The Australian Opal has always been a favorite to the english royal family.

There are not many gemstones that have folklores as rich as an opal does. Throughout the ages, opal was considered to be a powerful stone that induced mystical vision and enhanced creativity.

The Aboriginal tribes from the Andamooka region in South Australia believed that an opal was born from a rainbow that was brought to the earth by the creator of Dreamtime; a term used by Aborigines to describe the relationship between the natural, spiritual and moral elements of the world. The creator returned to heaven after he conveyed to mankind his hopes for eternal peace. The rock he stood upon absorbed all the colors of the rainbow and turned it into a beautiful opal.

The Romans associated opal with fidelity, hope and purity, while the early Greeks believed it could foretell the future. East Asians revered it as a sacred stone and the Arabs believed that opal came from heaven.

This stone’s popularity dwindled considerably when author Sir Walter Scott’s novel "Anne of Geierstein" was published in the year 1829. The story gave the impression that opal was demonic and wearing it would bring bad luck. It is believed that this caused the opal market to crash and the gem’s price dropped by almost 50 percent.

It regained popularity within a short period of time when Queen Victoria of England laughed at the superstitions that were associated with the stone. She and Napoleon Bonaparte were some of the famous admirers of opal. In fact, it is said that the Queen was so fond of the stone that she gifted them to her daughters as wedding gifts. Today, opal continues to lure people with its sheer beauty.

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