Crystal Opal – Description

Description and information about Crystal Opals from Lightning Ridge Australia :

The Crystal Opal from Lightning Ridge Australia, has a no body tone, because it is translucent ( transparent ). Black, Dark and Light Opals, has an opaque body.

To test if an Opal is translucent or opaque, simply hold it up to the light, and look if the light goes through it or not.

The Crystal Opal is found all over the world, and the only way to find out where a Crystal Opal comes from, is usually by testing the water content of the Opal.

Like all Opals, the Crystal  Opal has a brightness of B1 to B5, and comes in many different colours and patterns.

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Opal body tone chart from the Australian Opal association

About Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge is located on the border of New south wale and Queensland and is the only place in the world where you will find the best quality non hydrophane black Opals.

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