Light Opal – Description

Description and information about Light opals from Lightning Ridge Australia:

                   Light Opals

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The Light Opal ( not white ) as from Lightning Ridge Australia, is from the same family as black Opal but lighter in the background color, and is usually the most affordable Opal from that area. We only consider a body tone between N7 to N9 of the Australian Opal association body tone chart, to be Light Opal. Anything lighter, is considered to be a white Opal. The transparency of the Light Opal is Opaque and not translucent like a Crystal Opal.

Like all Opals, the Light Opal has a brightness between B1 to B5, and comes in many different colours patterns.

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Opal body tone chart from the Australian Opal association

About Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge is located on the border of New south wale and Queensland and is the only place in the world where you will find the best quality non hydrophane black Opals.

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