Australian Outback

What do opals represent to the indigenous Australians ?

The Aboriginal tribes from the Andamooka region in South Australia believed that their ancestral being conveyed himself to earth by a great rainbow. Where the rainbow had rested there was now a great area of rocks and pebbles that flashed and glittered in the sun, with all the colours of the rainbow that had given them birth - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. These were the first Opals.

The dreamtime creator gathered his tribes together and instructed them on the laws they were to follow, and established their way of life. The Opal outcrops were sacred and used as ceremonial grounds due to the mystical association with the creator, and the great rainbow in which it was believed he would some day reappear.

Believing their creator would again appear on that spot, only the initiated men of the tribes were allowed there to hold ceremonies.